Pulmonary private practice of the medical group Dr. med. Zöller

In our practice we offer you a quick and comprehensive diagnosis and therapy for all pneumological problems.

Persistent coughing, sputum, chest pain and shortness of breath under stress as well as frequent respiratory tract infections are often the first signs of a respiratory disease.

In the field of sleep medicine, patients suffer from sleep disorders, snoring with breathing pauses, daytime tiredness and elevated blood pressure.

Comprehensive advice on the necessary measures in diagnostics and therapy are the basis of care. Precise communication of the clinical picture and treatment according to the latest medical findings then guarantee lasting therapeutic success.

Common pneumological diseases

Dr. Zöller Internist Lung specialist Wiesbaden

Dr. med. Matthias Zöller

Specialist for internal medicine – Pneumology – Emergency medicine

Medical studies at the Universities of Turin (Italy) and Berlin

Doctorate (Dr. med.) at the Neurological Clinic of the Humboldt University of Berlin

Specialist training as an internist and subsequent specialization as a pneumologist in the Clinic for Pneumology and Infectiology at the Neukölln Hospital, Berlin

From 2000 to 2016 he worked as an internist and pneumologist in Wiesbaden. Since 2016 Medical Director of a Medical Care Center.

Member of the European Respiratory Society, the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine and the German Society for Internal Medicine.

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